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There are many advantages to buying a pre-owned vehicle. For one thing, a used vehicle retains more of its value relative to its purchase price, whereas a brand-new vehicle loses value as soon as it leaves the dealership. There’s also more in terms of variety, with a larger selection of model years, a wider price range, and a track record for reliability on a given model generation. Finally, you can get more bells and whistles for the money spent. A vehicle that is two or three years old won’t be all that different in terms of available comfort and technology features, and it’s still quite “young.” If bells and whistles are still desired, and cost is still a significant deciding factor, then buying used luxury vehicles proves to be a smart choice, as they offer the highest-quality features across various model years at affordable prices.

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Why Purchase a Used Lexus Coupe?

While there are many used luxury vehicles for sale, Lexus should be at the top of people’s lists because of their stellar reputation and consistently excellent quality. Used Lexus SUVs are spacious, undeniably comfortable, reliable, and often more affordable – while being better equipped – than brand-new standard SUVs. Plus, Lexus vehicles hold their residual value longer than most others because they are made with high-quality parts and materials using superior assembly methods. Kelley Blue Book has ranked the LX, RX, and GX models high on their list of vehicles with the highest residual value.



As a brand, Lexus is expected to go above and beyond where safety and reliability are concerned, and it has readily met that expectation throughout its existence. The Lexus Safety System, which has been standard fare on many Lexus vehicles for several model years, is made up of features that include pre-collision warning, intelligent high-beams, lane assist, and dynamic radar cruise control. It should come as no surprise that their SUV lineup was ranked as one of the safest on the market. In a CBS News report, the Lexus RX 350 was ranked highly for its ability to avoid collisions at both 10 and 25 miles per hour in multiple tests.

Luxury vehicles are expected to cost more than their more standard competitors, but when buying luxury used, sometimes it’s the opposite. Compare, for example, a used Lexus GX 460 with a brand-new Toyota Sequoia: a 2016 GX with approximately 28,000 miles will go for about $37,000, while a 2019 Toyota Sequoia has a starting MSRP of $49,050. With just a three-year difference, a used Lexus is cheaper than that of a brand-new Toyota equivalent by approximately $12,000 – and it’s likely going to be better equipped.