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Used Lexus Coupes for Sale

Purchasing a used car can be a truly wise and practical decision, especially when it’s a beautiful Lexus coupe. After all, you’ll still get the upscale craftmanship and attention to detail that this Japanese luxury manufacturer is known for, but at a much lower price. With that comes all of the pleasure and prestige of owning a Lexus as well as the confidence of knowing that all of our preowned vehicles have undergone meticulous inspection and any necessary reconditioning to make them like new. To see our extensive inventory of well-maintained pre-owned Lexus coupes, visit Balise Lexus at 1385 Riverdale Street in West Springfield, MA, or check them out online.

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Why Purchase a Used Lexus Coupe?

For a lot of buyers, the most important factor in their car-buying decision is its price. That’s why many people are drawn to used Lexus coupes as an alternative to new. Not only is the starting price is much lower on a used vehicle, but it will continue to save you money through all the years of ownership. Since secondhand cars hold a lower valuation than new ones, insurance premiums and property taxes are typically considerably lower, and these lower annual bills can end up saving you thousands over time.

Plus, with your dollar stretching farther, you can buy a more loaded trim in the preowned market than your budget would allow in a brand-new car, getting you more features while you spend less. Rather than being the first owner of a base model with minimal features, you can opt for a higher-tier preowned Lexus packed with top-of-the-line features. Higher-trim late-model used Lexus coupes will have many of the same features found on the brand-new models but with attractive savings.


L/Certified by Lexus

L/Certified by Lexus is a special category of pre-owned vehicles that have undergone intense quality screening and reconditioning. The program is designed to take away any feeling of risk people may have about buying a used vehicle. Every pre-owned Lexus goes through a comprehensive 161-point inspection by a Lexus certified technician to ensure that it meets the brand’s high standards of excellence. All pre-owned vehicles also must have a clean CARFAX report in order to quality.

Each L/Certified Lexus also comes with a generous package of warranties. When those are combined with the new-vehicle basic warranty, the L/Certified result is up to 6 years of coverage with unlimited mileage. In the event that a covered repair is needed, the L/Certified Limited Warranty takes care of a complimentary loaner car, roadside assistance, and even trip interruption insurance. If the car breaks down while you’re a considerable distance from home, trip interruption includes reimbursement for meals and lodging for up to three nights while your Lexus is being repaired for a covered issue. This warranty also covers repairs or the replacement of major components, such as the engine, transmission, steering, brakes, fuel system, cooling, air-conditioning and heating, electrical, and restraint systems. Finally, all L/Certified vehicles are covered for 2 years or 20,000 miles of factory-recommended maintenance.


Used Lexus Convertibles for Sale

There’s something completely liberating about driving in a convertible. Although this body style is not as common as it once was, anybody who’s ever ridden in one with the top down can’t forget that feeling of pure, open-air freedom. That being said, the prices of brand-new convertibles can be pretty high, so if you’re looking to own one but don’t want to break the bank to get there, then buying used is a wise strategy. And if you want to secure the best price possible without sacrificing on luxury, consider a used Lexus convertible for exceptional quality with significant savings.


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Used Lexus Convertible Pricing

If you’re searching for a used Lexus convertible, you have two options, both of which are now out of production. The IS (which was made in 250C and 350C versions) is a six-cylinder rear-wheel drive hardtop convertible that was made from 2010 to 2015. The SC 430, a V8 hardtop convertible, enjoyed a run from 2001 to 2010. Thanks to a little thing called depreciation, though, if you’re lucky enough to find one of these models on the preowned circuit, you’ll be able to own it for a significantly better price than it sold for brand-new.

To give you a pricing perspective, in the IS convertible’s debut year of 2015 its MSRP ranged from $36,550 to $43,690. If you shop for a preowned IS today, you can find one in the range of $15,000 to $20,000, depending on its mileage, condition, and options. If you want to spend less and don’t mind a convertible that’s a tad older, look for an SC 430, many of which will be around the low end of that range.


A Note on Condition

One thing to keep in mind about convertibles, especially luxury models, is that they’re generally not purchased to be daily drivers. They tend to be seasonal cars – not the owner’s primary vehicle – meaning they’ll generally have low miles for their model year. Most are also in premium condition from being driven less, plus they have likely been garaged in winter instead of being exposed to road salt and banged up from icy fender benders.

Lexus has a long-standing reputation for lasting quality, reliability, and owner satisfaction. So, while these models are no longer made, the fortunate few who locate a well-maintained secondhand one to purchase can still enjoy a luxurious cabin and premium amenities in a fun summer car that was built to last and promises more years of dependable driving.