Lexus SUV Maintenance Schedule



Lexus is widely known for their sensational class of luxury sport-utility vehicles, which includes the RX, GX, NX, LX, and UX. Lexus SUVs are known not just for their quiet ride and luxurious interiors, but also for their reliability and durability. But they still require regular maintenance to deliver peak performance. Let’s take a look at the simple schedule of regular maintenance that Lexus recommends for their SUVs.

5,000 Miles

Every 5,000 miles, you should take your SUV in to have its tires rotated, braking system inspected, and fluid levels checked.


10,000 Miles

In addition to the aforementioned list of 5,000-mile services, you will also need to get an oil change and oil filter replacement using 0w-20 synthetic. The oil and filter change will be due again at each future interval of 10K miles.


15,000 Miles

At this point, your service technician should look closely at the following parts and systems: engine coolant, exhaust system, steering linkage, braking components, ball joints, and axle shaft boots. It is also recommended that the air conditioner filter be cleaned (or replaced, depending on its condition).


30,000 Miles

At 30,000 miles, it is time to replace the brake fluid, engine air filter, and air conditioner filter. This is also the time to inspect the fuel system, transmission fluid, and brake rotor thickness.


50,000 Miles

The 50,000-mile mark is when your Lexus should have its drive belts inspected and Smart Key battery replaced.


120,000 Miles

At this particular point on the odometer, it is time to replace the spark plugs. A road test is also a good idea, so that the service technician can look and listen for any developing mechanical issues.


150,000 Miles

The main point of this service visit is to flush and refill the engine coolant.


Schedule Service
Now that you know what services are required at various mileage points, you should also know how to actually schedule maintenance for your Lexus. Just call our service department at 413-787-0099 or book an appointment online. You can also view our newest service specials here.