Lexus Recalls



What is a Vehicle Recall?

When a vehicle is recalled, it means that it was deemed noncompliant with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, or either the manufacturer or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) determined that it has a safety defect. When a recall has been issued on a Lexus vehicle, Lexus will promptly send all affected owners a recall letter. Although a recall notice may only be for a minor safety defect, it is still important to get the issue repaired as soon as possible.


What to Do After You Receive a Recall Letter

In the event that you receive a recall notice in the mail, you will be prompted to call your local Lexus dealer and schedule an appointment with the service department to correct the reason for the recall. If you have not received a recall notice, or are unsure if your vehicle has been recalled, then you can check online. All Lexus recalls will be listed in their official recall directory; just enter your vehicle’s information to see whether any recalls have been issued on it.


Scheduling a Repair Appointment

To repair your recalled Lexus vehicle, you can call our service department at 413-787-0099 or schedule an appointment online. Once you have made a service appointment, you can bring your Lexus to our dealership at 1385 Riverdale St. in West Springfield, MA.