Lexus Driving Signature

Lexus Driving Signature

Ever since they were established in 1989, Lexus has been on the hunt for ways to improve the automotive landscape. Performance-oriented cars, elegant sedans and SUVs, and a fast-growing lineup of eco-responsible hybrids make up their current offerings. As the auto industry continues to evolve and refinements are made to the way we drive, Lexus’s is a manufacturer that quickly comes to mind when the term “revolutionary” is spoken. With the release of the 2021 IS, this vision of theirs has become a reality: it’s the first model to showcase the innovative Lexus Driving Signature, a new R&D standard to be used across the lineup going forward.

Lexus Driving Signature, Explained

As mentioned, Lexus Driving Signature is an all-new development standard, marked by greater body rigidity and suspension improvements, that is to be followed for every future Lexus model. Its main purpose is to establish equally high standards for ride quality, handling, and performance, making the already-quiet Lexus ride even more tranquil. Lexus Driving Signature capitalizes on every facet of operator enjoyment while upholding the automaker’s superlative reputation.

Lexus Driving Signature was developed by Lexus engineers intent on making driving more intuitive, and they’re pleased to debut it on the 2021 IS. This four-door performance sedan was rigorously tested at various race tracks across the globe, most notably at the new Toyota Technical Center in Shimoyama, Japan. The development team perfected chassis and suspension improvements that, coupled with a stronger body, would create a more dynamic, engaging, and satisfying driving experience.

Through Lexus’s unrelenting attention to detail, the 2021 IS provides stellar ride quality that, in all respects, is more balanced, refined, and confident, with enhanced responsiveness and less road noise. Not only does Lexus Driving Signature enhance performance, it also elevates the vehicle’s appearance. As the first example, the 2021 IS presents an aggressive style with a wider and more low-slung design, and the debuting high-precision stamping technology gives it a characteristic sharpness. Lexus Driving Signature also incorporates the latest and most advanced Lexus Safety System+ bundle of driver assist technology as standard equipment.

The Future of Lexus

More than anything else, Lexus Driving Signature’s ultimate objective is to make driving more natural and enjoyable by allowing the driver to feel as one with the vehicle. By manufacturing premium models that communicate with the driver in an unprecedented way, Lexus makes this previously untapped potential available. With that said, the 2021 IS is just the beginning, and Lexus aficionados will be enjoying these advancements for generations to come.