Lexus Air Conditioning

Comfortable cabin temperature is essential to the luxury driving experience, so it’s important to maintain your Lexus AC system for summertime cooling. That way, you’ll be able to rely on your climate control feature to keep all occupants as cool as they would like to be.


It’s Not Just About Temperature

The air conditioning system also plays a year-round safety role, since it provides the quickest remedy for defogging the windshield. A fogged-up windshield or windows can be a serious safety hazard because the driver’s ability to see will be compromised. The AC will clear the windshield even faster than the defrost feature will.


As recommended maintenance, automobile air conditioners should be recharged with refrigerant every two years. Although people often refer to “Freon” in terms of AC recharge, that is an obsolete term for the once-common brand of refrigerant that has now been banned for because it was hazardous to the environment. Since the Freon phaseout, car ACs have used a safer refrigerant called R-134a. Using the AC does not consume the refrigerant, so there is no need to top it off at the start of the season. But should you find your Lexus AC no longer blowing cool air, our service technicians will quickly diagnose and repair any issue, from leaks to compressor or condenser malfunction, and everything in between. If you need service, call 413-787-0099 or use our convenient Service Appointment Form.

Maintaining Your Lexus AC
Not everything you must do to keep your climate control working at its best requires an appointment at the dealership’s service center. You can play an important part in this without even opening the hood, just by turning on the AC on a regular basis (think: use it or lose it). Regular use year-round is important for keeping a car’s air-conditioning system working at its best because it helps to maintain pressure for optimal compressor performance and keep the hoses, valves and other essential components from drying out. For this reason, you should run the AC on high for about ten minutes every week, even in cold weather. The same goes for the defrost feature; run it for ten minutes weekly to optimize performance and remove the excess moisture that can cause mildew and odor.

Your air conditioner’s filter should be replaced once per year or every 12,000 miles. This will be covered in your car’s factory-recommended scheduled maintenance visits.