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Aug 16, 2017 01:57 PM

When Marc Thompson joined the Balise team nearly 29 years ago, he never expected the career he had ahead of him. Marc began at Balise Honda as a sales consultant before transferring to Balise Lexus upon it’s opening in 1990. Two and a half decades later, he is one of the most well-known Balise Lexus employees.

For Marc, it is the early days of Balise Lexus that stick out most in his mind.

“My favorite memory of these 25 years is of our first new model introductory party in 1995,” recalls Marc. “We went all out…Best of all, we were dressed in tuxedos! I think we actually had more fun than our guests.”

A photo of the memorable night is still framed on a co-workers desk to this day.

But it isn’t just the fun times that keep Marc reminiscing on the glory days. More importantly, he notes the theme of continuity and speaks of the pride he feels to serve loyal Balise Lexus customers year after year. In fact, in all his years of service, he’s been able to serve many generations of customers as well. This, Marc feels, speaks to the incomparable service the dealership provides.

“We’ve been able to foster relationships where we are now serving our clients children. They were toddlers when we first met. And of course, we don’t get that opportunity if we don’t continuously provide exceptional service.”

In 25 years, Marc has served nearly 3,100 customers, been a sales consultant, a manager, and a constant face of Balise Lexus. Recently, the store was nominated for Lexus Brand Champion, which is an achievement that means the world to Marc and his team.

“We’re all pushing to do the best we can do for the people we have coming into the store and so it becomes almost second nature just to treat everybody in such an excellent manner that it really blows people away.”

Outside of Balise, Marc has a variety of interests. Although born and raised on the East Coast, Marc actually prefers to be out west. Hiking and exploring the great outdoors while under the West Coast sun are some of his favorites.

“I try to spend at least one week out west every year exploring different national parks and areas. You haven’t lived until you’ve sat on a sand dune in Death Valley,” says Marc. “I can tell you, it’s as hot as they say it is!”

If you enjoyed this insight into the life of Balise favorite, Marc Thompson, stay tuned for next month where we shine a light on the workings of another Balise Lexus lifer, Ed Ladika.

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